Lake Ray Hubbard



dallas race week on lake ray hubbardTexas is unique in that there is only one natural lake in the entire state. Lake Ray Hubbard is actually a man-made lake or reservoir of the East Fork of Trinity River. If you ask locals of the appropriate generation, they each can tell you stories of how Lake Ray Hubbard came to be. Each have their own memories of the construction, but the things I have heard numerous times are that the lake bottom is full of tree stumps and even a few houses. Since this occurred years before I was born, I will just go with what they have said.


Lake Ray Hubbard was originally known as Forney Lake. It was named after the town of Forney, Texas. In the 1960’s the City of Dallas incorporated the Lake and renamed it Lake Ray Hubbard after Ray Hubbard, who served the Dallas Parks and Recreation Board. This was officially the beginning of the Lake that we now have. By 1970, Lake Ray Hubbard reached its full design including the bridge over the lake on I-30 connecting Garland to Rockwall.


Many freshwater fish enjoy Lake Ray Hubbard including white bass, striped bass, largemouth bass, catfish and more.


The surrounding area of the lake includes condos, apartments, houses, restaurants, shopping, bait shops, entertainment and more.


In 2012, the North Texas Toll Authority constructed a bridge across Lake Ray Hubbard extending the President George Bush Turnpike to I 30.